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Live streaming is hard. But it doesn't have to be this way.
You deserve to have an easy, stress-free experience.

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Esports shouldn't be stressful

Discover the rush of esports without the stress!  eGame Studio can unlock the excitement, entertainment, and energy of esports with easy to use tools. Start streaming in minutes.

Custom branding

Personalize your stream and create a unique identity with custom logos, overlays, and graphics, giving your audience a professional and immersive viewing experience. Create fully branded studios in less 60 seconds!

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team gaming done right

Team gaming done right

Unlock the power of team-based match streaming with eGame Studio's innovative multi-feed gaming feature.

View all of the gameplay feeds from every player simultaneously and with one click, broadcast that player's gameplay to your audience. It's time to maximize your streaming potential like never before. And it is all done remotely.

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Player reactions to the action

Take your streams to the next level with eGame Studio's PlayerCam feature. Invite guests to join your broadcast, assign them to a team, and create dynamic content that captivates your audience and lets them feel the reactions from the players. Just send them a link.

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Player reactions to the action
build partnerships with sponsors

Build partnerships with sponsors

Highlight your content sponsors with eGame Studio's sponsors feature. Seamlessly integrate logos, videos, and promotional assets into your broadcasts, maximizing your support opportunities and strengthening partnerships with your sponsors. All with just a few clicks.

With eGame Studio, anyone can stream!

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