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Game Lens lets school esports coaches build champions! Start dominating your esports league today!


Start Training Like The Pros!

We think school esports should be approached professionally, just like “traditional sports” and we want that for you! Game Lens lets you coach your players effectively by letting you see all player gameplay feeds at once and connecting you and your players in an instant audio channel. Zero technical knowledge is required.

Hear What Our Coaches Say

"When our students realized that we could now coach them all simultaneously during gameplay, it was a game-changer for them, and their eyes lit up with excitement. That moment made Game Lens worth it for us."

"The transition to using Game Lens for real-time coaching has seen a remarkable change in our team's performance. My ability to now spot and correct tactical missteps instantly, along with providing real-time encouragement to team members, has been key in our team’s progress. Our journey from 20th to 1st place in just one week shows the effectiveness of Game Lens."

“Game Lens has helped us improve because we are now able to dig down into the little mistakes that’s causing us to lose champions.”

“We can now see all player perspectives on one web browser tab on our laptops without having to download Valorant, without having to download League, without having to get into the games with players and we can see things we would have missed because we can see every little detail all at once.”

Game Lens™ Coach Setup

Dominate Your Esports League

A great team needs a great coach, and Game Lens is designed to supercharge your skills. Get set up and start your first team session in minutes. No downloads or plugins, just log in and go!

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Train Your Team Like A Pro

Game Lens lets you see every player’s POV at once. A top coach needs to see how the whole team is working together, not just how one player is performing. Ditch spectator mode and switch to multiview gameplay.

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Make Tactical Changes in Real Time

Want to change up plays and see instant results? Game Lens has a direct audio channel for your team. Tell them what to do and see your changes play out in real-time. No more VOD reviews; fix tactics as they happen!

Become A Real-Time Tactician!

Watch Our Demo Video

In this real-time demo of Game Lens, our founder, Michael Lunt, shows how easy it is to get started, bring in gameplay feeds, and talk to your team all without leaving our platform.

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Game Lens Is A Game Changer For Esports Coaching

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