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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions that we get from our customers.

What is the difference between Game Lens™ and the eGame Studio streaming applications?

While both applications are web-based, they offer different solutions.

Game Lens™ is our dedicated esports coaching tool that allows coaches to have full visibility over all of their players' gameplay simultaneously. Like Zoom, but for screen sharing.
We released Game Lens™ in October 2023 as our first product.

The eGame Studio streaming app is designed to help esports streamers to create multiplayer content easily. It is ideally suited for people with limited broadcasting knowledge and allows you to also see every player simultaneously. You can choose which player feed to share out on your broadcast, while also showing the webcam of every player. There is also a host spot on the broadcast so that you can commentate on the action as it happens. Our streaming app is set to launch in 2024.

Who founded eGame Studio?

eGame Studio was founded by Michael Lunt, who also serves as its CEO. His extensive background in gaming, video production, and live streaming has played a crucial role in shaping the vision and direction of the company.

How much is Game Lens™?

The cost of Game Lens™ varies depending on the number of hours and players required for your specific needs.

Does everyone need a Game Lens™ account to take part in a training session.

No. Only the person running the training session needs an account.

Coaches are typically responsible for creating an account, setting up training sessions, inviting players, and for purchasing credits.

Players simply click the link that is shared with them. They will not be billed by eGame Studio for their use of Game Lens™ during training.

Do I need to download Game Lens™?

Nope. Game Lens™ is a web application.

Coaches can run sessions on a laptop or desktop, while players will need access to a gaming PC to run their games during training.

Do you allow account sharing for Game Lens™?

Yes we do. Just be aware that if you are sharing your account with other coaches, you will run through your credits faster and need to top up more.

Can I use Game Lens™ remotely or do I need to be in the room with my players?

Game Lens™ allows you to run esports training sessions on-site or remotely without changing anything. The benefit of using Game Lens™ on-site is that you can bring all the gaming PC feeds of your players into a single screen, so you don't need to hover over each player one at a time. This gives you a better overview of what is happening in real-time with your team.

Game Lens™ brings a ton of value to remote coaching as well. Esports coaches from around the world can now train individual esports players and teams no matter where they are located. A coach in the UK can train a team in India, or a group of individual players dotted around 4 time zones. Game Lens™ opens up opportunities for esports coaching.

How long do credits last?

Credits in your Game Lens™ account do not expire. You can retain them as long as you have your account with us.

The usage rate can vary drastically from customer to customer. A coach training 4 players at the same time can expect to use around $10 of credits in about an hour.

We recommend starting small and increasing your credit amount as you become more comfortable and efficient using Game Lens™ in your esports training sessions.

Game Lens Is A Game Changer For Esports Coaching

Easy to use software
Coach from anywhere
Team-based streaming
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