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Unlock the full potential of your esports tournaments with our cutting-edge software designed specifically for esports. Elevate your competitive gaming experience.

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Why use eGame Studio?

eGame Studio is the go-to software for team-based, esports live streaming, packed with advanced features for a superior streaming experience.

Remote Player Access
Fast Custom Branding
Easily Connect Players
Easy User Interface
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Bring fans closer to the action

Effortlessly live stream your esports matches with our user-friendly software. Reach a global audience and stay connected to the action.

eGame Studio delivers fast switching between each player's gameplay so you never miss a moment. Join the growing popularity of esports with our easy-to-use broadcasting software.

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Pro streaming
without the cost

Esports broadcasting with our live streaming software is cost-effective and efficient. We remove the need for expensive location rentals and specialist staffing, while also significantly lowering equipment costs.

eGame Studio offers customizable backgrounds, graphics, and video assets, enabling producers to create high-quality video content without limitations.

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Keep your esports sponsors happy

Our software enables you to include sponsors on your esports tournament live streaming, providing advertising and sponsorship opportunities for brands to target a passionate audience.

Generate revenue for organizers and players, while reaching a wider audience and creating an immersive, branded, and supported event.

Capture reactions with PlayerCam

Keep all players visible throughout your stream so you can witness every smile, every scream, and celebration. Bring fans closer to the emotion of the game by giving them more to experience.

Supercharge your creative potential

Other tools have restrictions when it comes to esports live streaming, requiring hardwired networking, expensive hardware, and teams of people.

eGame Studio removes all of those limitations, empowering you to create new and exciting content that was not easily possible before. It's time to show 100% of the game!

Game Lens Is A Game Changer For Esports Coaching

Easy to use software
Coach from anywhere
Team-based streaming
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