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Scholastic esports

Unleash the potential of your school's esports team, where education meets gaming, fostering growth, teamwork, and passion for learning.

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Why use eGame Studio?

eGame Studio is the ideal choice for school esports, offering robust features and tools for an immersive, fan-focused gaming experience.

Simple User Interface
Simple User Interface
Easily Connect Players
Easily Connect Players
Quickly Brand Streams
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Stream from your browser

Stream your scholastic esports events hassle-free, directly from your browser using our convenient streaming platform.

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Complex tools are now easy to use

Discover eGame Studio, equipped with all the essential features to meet your school's esports needs and elevate your team gaming experience.

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Reach esports fans everywhere

Multistreaming the right way is crucial for scholastic esports. With eGame Studio, effortlessly reach multiple platforms, expanding your audience and maximizing exposure for your competitive gaming events.

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Remove tricky live stream software

Live streaming your esports matches doesn't need to be overly complicated. eGame Studio lets you set up virtual studios quickly and easily so that you can focus on what matters; broadcasting an action-packed game.

Connecting school esports leagues

eGame Studio allows you to invite all the players for your esports match into your studio effortlessly and remotely. This means esports teams can be anywhere in the world. Our streaming software is a game-changer for scholastic esports leagues.

Now you can easily live stream intramural esports and grow your respective brands and fanbases.

Grow brand and fan engagement

Use logos, colors, images, and videos to brand your school's esports streaming content. eGame Studio lets you quickly upload your school's assets and add them to your live stream so that they are visible on your broadcast. If you've got sponsors, they will love this.

Make stream changes on the go

Stay agile with eGame Studio's easy functionality and features, perfectly suited for scholastic esports. Adapt your stream settings on the fly, ensuring seamless and dynamic broadcasting anytime, anywhere.

Make your stream look awesome

With eGame Studio, anyone can stream!

Easy to use software
Access from anywhere
Team-based streaming
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