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Read What Other Schools Say.

"When our students realized that we could now coach them all simultaneously during gameplay, it was a game-changer for them, and their eyes lit up with excitement. That moment made Game Lens worth it for us."
"The transition to using Game Lens for real-time coaching has seen a remarkable change in our team's performance. My ability to now spot and correct tactical missteps instantly, along with providing real-time encouragement to team members, has been key in our team’s progress. Our journey from 20th to 1st place in just one week shows the effectiveness of Game Lens."

What Does It Do?

Team visibility

Team Visibility

See all team gameplay feeds at once by sharing a link with your players.
Quick communication

Quick Voice Chat

Talk to your entire team or individual players during training with a click.
Easy setup

Easy Setup

Every session is ready with all the features you need, no third-party apps required.

Protecting Student Privacy

Game Lens prioritizes student privacy, ensuring no data is captured or stored. Only coaches require a Game Lens™ account, keeping you in full control of the coaching process and training environment.
Game Lens™ Coach Setup
Game Lens™ Guest Experience

Effortlessly run your esports program

Game Lens is tailored for esports coaches. It enables you to view all team gameplay simultaneously for enhanced training sessions. Streamline your coaching methods to improve team performance and increase interactivity with your players.

1-to-1 Player Talkback

Game Lens features direct 1-to-1 private player communication, focusing solely on improving an individual player's gameplay during team training sessions. Switch between team or single-player communication effortlessly.
Game Lens™ Gameplay Feeds
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Discover the benefits

  • Safe For Students
  • No Student Data Captured
  • See All Player Gameplay
  • 1-to-1 Private Talkback
  • Easy Setup
  • Remote & Onsite Access
  • No Social Platforms Needed
  • Train As A Team
  • Help Shape Our Product

Why Game Lens?

Safe For Students

Game Lens does not rely on access to other popular social platforms, and a coach is required to run training sessions with players.

Player Gameplay

We've made it easy to see all your players' POVs at once. Get complete oversight on what your whole team is doing in real-time.

Private Talkback

Switch from team-based to individual voice chat inside the platform. Change tactics and see your team improve as it happens.

Easy Setup

Coaches can be up and running in less than 60 seconds and with all features ready to go without any downloads or plugins.

Remote & Onsite

Coaching at school and at home has never been easier. Game Lens transitions seamlessly. It's perfect for snow days!

No Data Capture

Only esports coaches own accounts, so student IDs remain anonymous even to us. Your students' data is never collected or stored.


What is included in the free trial?

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The trial period includes 1 month free. 1 coach and 3-5 players. 4 hours of coaching per week.

How do I get access to the free frial?

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Simply request access to the trial by emailing info@egame.studio.

When does the free trial offer end?

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The Free Trail Offer will end on December 31st, 2024.

How much is Game Lens?

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Game Lens™ is available at two pricing tiers: The Spark Tier for $85 per month, or opt for an annual subscription at $729 per year. Discover more about our pricing options here.

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