Getting Started with Game Lens

Your complete guide for getting started with our esports coaching software, Game Lens.

Getting Started with Game Lens

Step 1: Kick-off Your Game Lens Journey

First things first, let's get you set up! Head over to the Game Lens Registration Page to set up your account. It only takes. a few seconds! Game Lens is browser based so there's no need for any downloads - everything isset to go right from your browser.

We also give all users a free 1-month trial of Game Lens so that you can find the best way to make the software work for you and your team at no cost.

Start training your team in under 60 seconds!

Step 2: Create Your First Training Session

Every time you enter Game Lens you'll be taken to your dashboard! It might look a bit lonely at first but we'll change that pretty quickly by creating your first session. Just click on "Create Session," in the top right corner, name your new training space, and hit "Submit." You're now officially in the coaching zone!

Step 3: Bring in Your Team Players

There are three ways to share links with your players.

  • Method 1: Click the 3-dot menu next to your session and click "Share Link." Grab that unique URL and send it over to your team using your usual communication channels.
  • Method 2: Dive into your session by hitting the "Arrow" button next to your session. Once you've picked your audio and name settings, grab the session link from the pop-up that appears when entering the session and share away.
  • Method 3: Inside the session, the "Get Link" button is your final option. Click it to grab your session's URL and share it with your team.


Game Lens let's you view all player gameplay at once!

Step 4: Run Your Dynamic Training Session

Remember, your players need you to lead the way! Once you're in, the session comes to life. Players can't enter a session without you being there, so keep that in mind. Once players start to join, you can view everyone's gameplay at once and talk with the team. No extra buttons, it all just works.

If you want to zero in on one player, just click their feed and Game Lens will enlarge their gameplay so that you can see it in greater detail. And, if you need a private chat with a player for one-on-one coaching, the Private Talkback feature has got your back.

Just click on the 3-dots under any player's gameplay feed and choose "Start Private Talk" to open a 2-way audio channel with that one player. When you are done, click the menu again and click "Stop Private Talk". You will then be back to talking with your whole team. Don't worry, while you are having a private conversation the rest of your team can continue to communicate with each other uninterrupted.

Step 5: Keep the Focus Where It Belongs

If things get unprofessional and you need to discipline a player, we've got you covered. You can quickly remove a player from the session by clicking the 3-dot menu, and hitting "Remove Participant" under their feed. It's all about keeping the training productive and positive.

Step 6: Wrapping Up A Session

All good things come to an end, and when it's time to wrap up your coaching session, just click "Leave Session." Game Lens tidies up for you, removing all your players and resetting the session for next time.

Step 7: Reuse and Recycle Your Sessions

Game Lens is all about flexibility. Keep your sessions in your back pocket for the next training round. It's a great way to keep things organized, especially if you're coaching multiple teams. Feel free to set up as many sessions as you want so that you can coach your teams even faster next time.

And there you have it! With Game Lens, you're not just coaching; you're creating an engaging, interactive experience where you can try out new tactics and see how they work in real-time. Dive in today and see how Game Lens can revolutionize your esports coaching game. Happy coaching!

Game Lens Is A Game Changer For Esports Coaching

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