How Much Esports Coaches Actually Earn?

Explore the lucrative world of esports coaching, where passion meets a promising career in a rapidly growing industry.

How Much Esports Coaches Actually Earn?

The world of esports has seen a significant rise, not just in popularity but also in the financial aspects. As of late the average salary for an esports coach in the United States hovers around $60,000 per year. This figure, however, is not static and can vary widely based on several factors.

Based on data from a prominent job site like ZipRecruiter, in December 2023, an esports coach's hourly wage ranged from $16 to $25. This rate can vary significantly based on the level of professionalism of the esports team. For more established teams, coaches often receive annual contracts or retainers, moving away from hourly compensation.

Esports Coach Salary in the US December 2023. Source: ZipRecruiter
Esports Coach Salary in the US December 2023. Source: ZipRecruiter

On the lower end of the salary spectrum, roles such as assistant coaches or analysts are common. These professionals typically focus on gathering and analyzing data, either independently or under the guidance of the main coach, to address various team-related challenges.

In contrast, the top salaries in the field are generally earmarked for head coaches. These individuals are responsible for a wide array of tasks, including managing scrimmages, enhancing individual player and overall team performance, developing both short-term tactics and long-term strategies, and analyzing competitors to boost their team's chances of success.

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A somewhat dated report from a source like The Wall Street Journal, dating back to 2015, indicated that esports coaches earned an average of $40,000 annually. However, the industry has undergone substantial changes since then. To estimate the evolution of an esports coach's salary over the eight years from 2015 to 2023, one might consider the growth of the esports industry as a whole.

Back in 2015, the esports industry was valued at approximately $325 million. This figure has since ballooned to an estimated $3.8 billion in 2023, depending on the source. This represents a growth of over 1000% in that eight-year span.

Market Growth in the Esports industry
Growth in the Esports industry. Source: Statista

While players' incomes might have surged by more than 300% in the same period, coaching salaries likely experienced a notable increase, though perhaps not to the same extent. Based on these trends, it's plausible to suggest that full-time esports coaches for high-end teams could be earning in the range of $80,000 to $100,000 per year currently.

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The financial landscape of esports extends beyond the salaries of coaches, encompassing a variety of roles within the industry. A comparison of the average salaries of similar positions to an esports coach reveals a broad spectrum of compensation. As of December 2023, an esports coordinator, who oversees the logistical aspects of team management and event organization, typically earns around $50,958 annually. Meanwhile, the role of an esports manager, responsible for the broader management of teams and strategies, makes an average salary of $76,064.

Average for roles in the Esports industry US, 2023. Source:
Average for roles in the Esports industry US, 2023. Source:

More specialized roles like an esports analyst, whose job involves scrutinizing gameplay and strategies to provide critical insights, draw an average salary of $71,428. At the higher end of the scale is the director of esports, a position that typically involves overseeing the entire esports operations of an organization, with an average salary of $92,538. These figures indicate the varying levels of responsibility and expertise required in different positions within the esports industry.

These salaries highlight the expanding professional landscape of esports, reflecting the industry's growth and the increasing recognition of the diverse skill sets required to sustain and develop competitive gaming at the highest levels. As the industry continues to evolve, these roles and their respective compensations are likely to adjust, mirroring the dynamic nature of esports as a whole.

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The future of the esports industry

The world of esports coaching has evolved dramatically over the past several years, both in terms of responsibilities and financial compensation. The increasing complexity of the industry and the rising popularity of esports globally have translated into a substantial growth in the salaries of esports coaches. While there are variances based on factors like team professionalism, coaching role, and individual expertise, the overall trend is unmistakably upward.

As the industry continues to grow, it is likely that the role and compensation of esports coaches will keep evolving, reflecting the increasing recognition of their integral role in the success and development of esports teams and players. The future of esports coaching, therefore, appears to be both promising and lucrative, with opportunities for growth and innovation in this dynamic and exciting field.

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