How to Become a Gaming Coach

Thinking about becoming a gaming coach? Gaming isn't just for fun and games anymore – it's legit turning into a real-deal career!

How to Become a Gaming Coach

Thinking about becoming a gaming coach? Gaming isn't just for fun and games anymore – it's legit turning into a real-deal career for a ton of people. Esports is bigger than ever, and video game coaches are the new hot thing.

So what is being a gaming coach all about? Just like being a coach in football or hoops but for video games. A good game coach should help players get better at the game, learn new strategies, and boost their team play. Sweet deal where your love for gaming meets teaching others how to crush it.

If you're a die-hard gamer and dreaming of making this your gig, this is where you start. We are gonna walk you through the must-knows to nail it as a gaming coach. From leveling up your own game, this is everything you need to know about how to become a video game coach.

What is a Gaming Coach?

So, you've been gaming for years, crushing levels and bosses, and now you're hearing about esports coaches. What's up with that? Well, a gaming coach is kinda like that friend who always knows the best moves in a game, but way more pro. They're the ones turning casual players into gaming legends.

Leveling Up Skills

Gaming coaches are all about making players better at the game. Think of them as your personal game trainer. They're there to spot your weak points, turn them into strengths, and teach you tricks you never knew.

Strategy Guru

Next, they are your primary resource for excellent strategies. These coaches are skilled at helping you. They can teach you the best attack moves in strategy games and the perfect combos in fighting games to improve your play.

Team Dynamics Wizard

Playing with a team? A gaming coach can turn a group of solo players into a tight squad. They're like the glue that holds the team together, making sure everyone's playing nice and crushing it together.

How to Become a Gaming Coach at a School

If the idea of guiding and inspiring the next generation of esports enthusiasts sounds like your dream job, then you're in the right place! Being a gaming coach at a school is not just a job. It means hosting gaming lessons and being a mentor, a planner, and a hero to young gamers.

How to Become a Gaming Coach at a School

Know Your Stuff Inside Out

First up, you must be extremely good at gaming skills. We're talking deep knowledge of game mechanics, communication skills, strategies, and the latest trends in esports.

Stay on top of what's happening in esports. Knowing the main teams, players, and tournaments isn't just cool, it helps you understand the competitive landscape.

Learning the Ropes

Even if you're a gaming pro, coaching is a whole other game. Consider taking courses in sports coaching, psychology, or even a specialized gaming coaching program if you can find one.

Since you'll be working in a school, it's important to understand teaching and learning. Get better at your coaching by learning educational methods.

Gain Experience

Start building your coaching experience with local gaming clubs or communities. Hands-on experience is key.

Consider volunteering at school gaming clubs. It gives you a feel for the role and helps you start making connections in schools.

Connect with Schools

Network with individuals in the education sector. Participate in educational gatherings, and gaming competitions, or contact schools yourself.

When reaching out to a school, have a well-prepared plan ready. Show how gaming helps students get better at solving problems and working as a team.

Nail the Interview

Let your passion for gaming and coaching shine. Schools want coaches who are excited and can inspire students.

Remember, it’s still a school environment. Show that you’re responsible, organized, and can handle the challenges of working with young gamers.

Keep Growing

Gaming and esports are always evolving, so stay on top of your game. Keep learning and adapting your coaching style.

Listen to feedback from your students and colleagues. The best way to improve and make sure your coaching is hitting the mark.

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How to Become a Private Gaming Coach

Becoming a private gaming coach is slightly different from coaching in schools. This means you're your own boss. All about building a reputation, networking, and showcasing your gaming prowess.

First things first: master your game. Whether it's Fortnite, League of Legends, or any other popular title, you need to be a pro. Understand every strategy, character, and update. Your knowledge should be top-notch!

How to Become a Private Gaming Coach


Even though it's not necessary, earning a certification can give you an edge. Seek out courses or certifications in gaming, coaching, or both to add credibility and demonstrate your commitment.

Build Your Online Presence

Create a strong online presence. Stream on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Engage with your audience, showcase your skills, and share tips. This will help build your reputation and attract potential clients.

Develop Coaching Skills

Being a great player doesn’t automatically make you a great coach. Work on your communication, patience, and teaching skills. Each player is unique, so adapt your coaching style accordingly.

Market Yourself

Use social media, gaming forums, and community groups to market yourself. Share success stories, reviews, and unique coaching methods. Word of mouth is powerful in the gaming community.

Set Reasonable Rates

Start by setting competitive rates. Look into what other coaches are charging and identify a sweet spot for your pricing. As you get more clients and experience, feel free to adjust your rates accordingly. Utilize esports coaching websites like Gamersensei or Fiverr to gain insights into effective pricing strategies.

How Much Money Do Gaming Coaches Earn?

First off, let's get it straight: earnings in this field can vary wildly. Like a game itself – the more you play (or in this case, coach), the more you can potentially earn.

When you're just starting out, don't expect to immediately rake in big bucks. As a new gaming coach, you might earn around $15 to $25 per hour. It's like the first level of a game – you need to grind through it.

How Much Money Do Gaming Coaches Earn?
Coaching pricing on Gamersensei

As you build your reputation and get more clients, your rates can jump up. Coaches with a bit more experience or a decent following can see themselves earning between $30 to $50 per hour. That's like leveling up in your coaching game!

Now, the pro leagues: experienced head coaches with top-notch skills and a solid client base can earn upwards of $100 per hour. We're talking elite levels, where your gaming and coaching skills are both top-tier.


Becoming a gaming coach means you love video games and know how to help others get better at playing them. Just like a sports coach, a gaming coach helps players improve, teaches them smart ways to play, and helps them work well as a team.

To coach games at a school, know your games well, stay updated on esports, and learn teaching methods. Gain experience by volunteering and connecting in schools. Be passionate, responsible, and able to lead young players.

Get experience by volunteering and making connections in schools. Coaches need to be passionate, responsible, and good at motivating and leading young players.

On the other hand, if you start private gaming coaching, it's all about creating your own brand and good rep. You've got to be awesome at certain games, rock it online, and have great coaching skills. Sell yourself well and price your coaching right. Getting certified isn't a must, but it can help show you're legit.

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