Getting Started with Game Lens™: A Quick Guide

Game Lens™ enables coaches to monitor players in real-time, anywhere. Easily set up sessions and view gameplay feeds seamlessly.

Getting Started with Game Lens™: A Quick Guide

Introducing Game Lens™, the latest product from eGame Studio. This innovative tool empowers coaches to simultaneously view the actions of all players, regardless of their physical location, be it in the same room or scattered globally.

Setting Up a Session

To kickstart your Game Lens™ experience, navigate to the user dashboard:

  • Click on the 'Create Session' button.
  • Name your session in the pop-up window.
  • Click the 'Submit' button located at the bottom right corner.

Voila! Your first session is now live.

Entering a Session

  • Select your desired session by clicking the arrow on the right of the session bar.
  • Input your Display Name.
  • Hit the 'Enter Session' button.

Upon entering, a dialog box emerges. This box contains the unique link that you'll need to share with your players so they can join your session. Each link is distinct to its specific session, ensuring players only access the session you've designated.

Sharing the Session Link

You can share this invite link to your players through any mode of communication, whether it's via email or a chat window. The only requirement is for the players to click on this link to enter your session. Details of what the guest experience is like will be covered in another article. Rest assured it is very easy to use for players!

Viewing Player Gameplay

As your players join your session and commence gaming, you will notice their gameplay feeds appearing on your screen. To delve deeper into an individual player's actions:

  • Simply click on the desired feed.
  • This action magnifies the selected feed, providing a more detailed view of the ongoing gameplay.
  • To revert to the overarching gallery view, just click outside the enlarged feed box.

With Game Lens™, monitoring and guiding your players becomes a seamless experience, ensuring you coach the right players at the right time. Happy gaming!

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