VIDEO: Exploring Careers in Esports

This video aims to guide you on how to make decisions now that can positively impact your future career in esports.

VIDEO: Exploring Careers in Esports

There are lots of career opportunities currently in esports and there stands to be a lot more in the coming years. This video aims to guide you on how to make decisions now that can positively impact your future in esports.


Behind almost every exhilarating esports match. Beyond the flashing lights and the immersed crowds, there's a vibrant ecosystem of diverse careers that bring this thrilling digital universe to life. The strategists, the broadcasters, the trendsetters. These are the architects of the esports world as we know it. If you've wondered what it takes to be part of this electrifying industry, aside from being a player, then stick around as we shine a light on some of the career opportunities that can give you a place in this exciting industry.

From LAN parties at a friend's house to now filling out massive arenas with fans from all corners of the globe, esports has long since moved on from its simple beginnings to become a worldwide phenomenon. And there is a complex structure behind the scenes which supports and drives this industry to new heights. And as you might have guessed, this system needs people to fill out important roles to make it all work.

Educational Support

Whether you're a curious observer or a hardcore gaming fan, thinking about turning your passion into a profession, there is likely a career that fits your interest in esports. You just have to look. Even universities recognize esports as a serious career path, offering specialized degree programs and scholarships. Students are learning about event management, game design and data analytics so that they can be prepared for a career in gaming.

Choosing your Esports Career Path

So what kind of roles make up the incredible world of esports? There are careers that you might expect, like coaches and tournament organizers, and then there are roles that you might not even realize exist, like agents, data analysts and even lawyers specializing in esports and entertainment. Each role adds another layer to the esports industry. Marketers create brand visibility and sponsorships.

Journalists and broadcasters add an exciting narrative layer. Data analysts help strategize and improve performance. Coaches guide and train players and lawyers ensure that everything runs fairly and more importantly, legally. Behind the captivating live broadcasts, as an example, there's an entire production crew working tirelessly. From directors and producers to sound engineers, graphic operators, camera operators and video editors, and they're all crucial to delivering the immersive experience esports fans know and love.

Esports also wouldn't be what it is without its passionate fan base. The interaction between fans and their favorite games and the players has propelled esports to its current global prominence, and it takes a team of people to get the right messaging to the fans at the right time to keep them engaged between matches. Not all coaches are players, and not all players should be coaches.

If you find yourself seeing game strategy in your sleep, however, you could find yourself leading a team one day, especially if you get yourself involved in lower league or community esports today.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

So these are just some of the examples of things you can do in the esports industry. But before you decide what you want to do, you first need to identify what your interests and skills are. Are you into gaming, business, or legal? Do you like graphics design or video production? If so, go and find a production team so that you can intern with them and learn the ropes. Applying your skills in the esports industry will make finding your place in it much easier. Not everyone needs to be a professional player or even a casual gamer. You just need to be interested in the space to find the door that you want to use to enter it. Remember, your first job in all of this is to discover what interests you, research how you can apply it to this industry and start working with people who already do the jobs similar to the one that you want. So get curious.

The Esports Industry Will Need You

Esports is a world full of innovation, blending technology, entertainment and community, like no other sport out there. With its exciting future, esports offers a thrilling arena where you can follow your passions and make your mark. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, the business strategist, or creative mind, esports will need people like you. So embrace the opportunities, hone your skills and start carving your path to the career that you want.

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