VIDEO: Why Esports Should Be In Schools

In this video we explore the benefits of bringing esports into schools.

VIDEO: Why Esports Should Be In Schools

Learn about why esports should be in schools and the benefits that building an esports program in your school can bring to your students.


Esports has been pushing boundaries for over a decade now, and with more people getting involved every day, it's no surprise that it's starting to take hold in other areas, including one that just a few years ago would have been viewed as laughable. Today we are discussing esports in education, so keep watching to learn more.

Esports as an ecosystem for honing skills

If you've been staying up to date with the gaming world, you'll know that video games aren't just about the adrenalin rush anymore. It's a globally recognized sport where players and teams go head to head in well-organized tournaments and the buzz is getting louder in an unexpected arena. Our schools. So why is this? Well, esports has created an ecosystem for honing essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork, as well as decision making, which are skills that are highly valuable in today's fast paced world.

UC Irvine study

A study by UC Irvine found that students who were involved in esports felt more engaged, exhibited a greater school pride, and felt greater sense of community at their school. Plus, these students even showed improvements in their GPA and school attendance and I think we can all agree that those are all good things.

Esports effect on mental health

And let's not overlook the positive effect on student mental health. Gaming can boost cognitive function, alleviate stress and promote social connections. Involvement in esports tournaments can help students build self-confidence and even help those who struggle to socialize in traditional extracurricular activities to be more outgoing among their peers.

Diversity, inclusion, and gender in STEM

Esports also champions diversity in a way that traditional sports can't always match, regardless of gender or physical ability, everyone can play. Esports opens up competitive opportunities for all students, including those who have been underrepresented in the past and with many video games incorporating elements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, esports can help bridge the gender gap in STEM fields.

Career opportunities

The esports industry is rapidly expanding and with it the career opportunities. too. Teams need management, coaching, analytics staff, plus there is a growing demand for professionals in esports broadcasting, marketing and production. By introducing esports programs, schools can give their students a head start into this growing industry as well as other industries that need these skills.

Positive impacts of esports on students and engagement

You don't have to look very hard either to see the benefits of esports, as educators are pretty vocal about the positive impacts that it's had on their students. They've said that it's created new spaces of belonging, drawing in students who may not have previously felt connected to their school community, and that esports has offered an alternative avenue for building teamwork and competition.

But perhaps the most powerful testament to the influence esports can have are the stories of student transformation.

Some students on the brink of leaving school have found renewed interest in learning through esports going on to graduate and even proceeding into higher education.

These insights highlight the transformative power and potential of esports in schools, paving the way for an exciting future in education.

Wrap up

Esports is so much more than just video games. It fosters critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork. It can support mental health, offer diverse opportunities, and even open doors for future careers.

More and more educators are acknowledging the value of esports and bringing it into their classrooms. Here in the US, over 8700 schools and colleges have already introduced esports programs.

Our question to you is, “Will you be joining them?” By integrating esports into education, we’re equipping students with essential skills and preparing them for the world of work, where these skills are in high demand.

So let's celebrate the world of esports, an industry that's not just entertaining, but also creating opportunities for students and educators alike.

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